Obama Abdicates Campaign Passion To Obama Zombies

It’s campaign season, a year and a half before the 2012 elections….hey, remember when Obama told the GOP there would be plenty of time for campaigning in 2012?…..and His Imperial Majesty Barack H. Obama has a message for supporters

President Barack Obama made his debut as a candidate for reelection on Thursday night by urging hometown supporters to “take ownership” of his infant campaign while he continues his “day job.”

He does the same thing in his day job: make a speech, tell Someone Else to do the actual work. Because it is tough to be the king, attending all the parties, hitting the links, vacation, launching wars while flying to the Southern hemisphere, taking a strange victory lap at the Lincoln Memorial to tell us that a doorless building wouldn’t close its doors….

The campaign’s main message in these early days is that supporters need to generate the opening wave of grassroots excitement, without relying on the president to fire up supporters personally, as he was able to do in 2008.

Don’t you feel fired up, Obamanuts? I’m sure you’re thrilled by the new Lybian war, we’re still in Iraq, he expanded Afghanistan, Gitmo’s still open, he’s tried to expand “warrentless wiretaps,” we still have Rendition Lite, he’s in bed with Big Business and Big Wall Street, no single payer, extended the “Bush tax cuts for the rich”, not pushing globull warming legislation….really, what has the extreme left gotten from Obama? Sure, massive government spending, but not as much as they wanted. ObamaCare, but, they see it as giving too much to Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and Big Medicine. And….well, is there anything Obama’s done, other than insult Republicans, that they left is happy that Obama has done?

Speaking of His Imperial Majesty, he had a message for the Gang Of 6, too

White House to Gang of Six: Wrap up work on deficit-reduction plan

Says the man who has an inklining of a notion of a draft of a plan to fix the deficit.

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