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Muslim Savages Kill UN Workers Over Burnt Koran

A little late to the party, what with work, but, here you go Stirred up by a trio of angry mullahs who urged them to avenge the burning of a Koran at a Florida church, thousands of protesters overran the compound of the United Nations in this northern Afghan city, killing at least 12 people, […]

If All You See…

…is an evil type of light bulb, you just might be a Warmist

Women Soldiers “Encouraged” To Wear Islamic Headscarves

Typical: the dhimmis want our women to conform to the outdated tenants of an illiterate and child predator. From The Daily Caller In an effort to get closer to the local population, American female soldiers stationed in Afghanistan are being encouraged to wear a Muslim headscarf when interacting with civilians. But some question whether the […]

Snap! New UN Report Mostly Blames Liberals For ‘Climate Change’

Humorously, Grist, along with other climate alarmist sites, have been pushing the notion that everyone needs to move to a city for a sustainable lifestyle, yet, there’s a bit of a problem The world’s cities are going to have to move aggressively to curb their greenhouse-gas emissions, or the whole planet is going to pay […]

Those Evil Koch Brothers Have An Awesome Highly Unionized Workforce..Wait, What?

The Left’s current pet target….well, one of them, as Sarah Palin and the TEA Party are still high on their Bitch Meter….., the Koch brothers, have some explaining to do for why they are so evil A number of organizations are advocating a boycott of the products that come from companies owned by the Koch […]

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