Women Soldiers “Encouraged” To Wear Islamic Headscarves

Typical: the dhimmis want our women to conform to the outdated tenants of an illiterate and child predator. From The Daily Caller

In an effort to get closer to the local population, American female soldiers stationed in Afghanistan are being encouraged to wear a Muslim headscarf when interacting with civilians. But some question whether the practice constitutes cultural sensitivity or a form of appeasement that is degrading to U.S. soldiers.

Major Kyndra Rotunda, executive director of the Military Law and Policy Institute and AMVETS Legal Clinic, told The Daily Caller that while the women are not being ordered to wear the head scarf, encouragement is tantamount to a demand.

“They say they are encouraging women to wear the headscarf when they are out and about and on patrol. But the problem is — and I think anyone who has been in the military understands that being encouraged to do something is about the same thing as being ordered — it really puts them in an uncomfortable position when their commander says, ‘We really want you to do this, technically you don’t have to, but we really want you to do this,’” she said.

What’s next, not allowing the female US soldiers to be seen with an unmarried man? How about floggings for talking back to a man? It’s long past time we stopped accommodating these barbarians.

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3 Responses to “Women Soldiers “Encouraged” To Wear Islamic Headscarves”

  1. Rob in Katy says:

    Well wear the silly scarf and allow one breast to hang out at all times…

  2. captainfish says:

    What’s next is having our men in the field start a boy sex slave operation, commit pedophilia with the local boys, and share them amongst the “honored elders” in order to show their fealty and understanding of their culture.

    Our military is not to be used as a cultural testing ground. It is not meant to be used as a PC example. It is to blow people and objects up that get in their way.

    We have fought these wars wrong from the get go. We have not learned our lessons from Vietnam. We have to go in and blow stuff up. When you can’t determine who is bad and who is good and who is shielding whom, … and you can’t touch certain buildings, and can’t touch people once they enter certain buildings….. we lose.

    Screw their culture, we need to save our own.

  3. Rob in Katy says:

    I just saw some photos of women on patrol, they don’t have helmets on, only the stupid scarf, how does that work for stopping a bullet? Most of our Generals and Politicians should retired.

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