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Eric Holder: Congress Should Mind Their Own Damned Business On Detainees

Hey, Holder is just following the lead of His Imperial Majesty, Barack Obama Attorney General Eric Holder today criticized U.S. lawmakers for preventing the administration from being able to move the suspects from Guantanamo to the U.S. for a civilian trial. Holder said he stood by the administration’s original decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed […]

If All You See…

…is an evil beer keg spewing out CO2, you might just be a Warmist PS: this one is tricky. Beer! Bikini!

RoP Still Freaking Over Koran Burning

Yes, they are still going ballistic over a book that many of them are too illiterate to actually read Islamabad: April 4, 2011. (PCP) Armed men tried to set on fire Church Building after pelting stones and attempts to break gate to vandalize in Wah city of Punjab province of Pakistan. It is third incident […]

Shockingly, Aussies Are Irritated By The Subject Of Globull Warming

Oh, and they are apparently given poor information to change their minds and become followers of Gore A LACK of “credible information” is one of the main reasons that 40 per cent of Australians do not believe that humans have a role in global warming, according to the head of the federal government’s Climate Commission, […]

Politico: War Obama Launched Gets In The Way Of Obama’s Economy Talking Points

Truly one of the funniest, or, is that “most absurd?”, headlines of the day, via the Politico’s Glenn Thrush: Now Libya steps on President Obama’s message President Barack Obama’s decision to intervene in Libya has presented him with a whole new set of political problems with members of both parties. But its most worrisome effect […]

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