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Say, What’s The Deal With The $20 Billion BP Slush Fund?

Something I have been wondering about all day, after listening to the news reports about people still suffering, their businesses still closed or business vastly reduced, people out of work, on this 1 year anniversary of the BP blowout. Remember this Mr. Obama said the fund would be run by Kenneth Feinberg — the administration’s […]

Obama Plans To Address Debt On Thursday…

..just kidding. He will attend yet another fundraiser, with the election over a year and a half away, as Variety reports As President Obama returns to Hollywood circles on Thursday for his first re-election fund-raising swing, it’s not difficult to find supporters expressing frustration or disappointment privately and publicly. They’re really enthused, too! “Everybody’s going […]

If All You See…

…is an environmentally friendly bike in a field that is going to be destroyed by climate change, you might be a Warmist

Apparently, American Teens Knowledge Of Climate Change Hoax Sucks

So, despite all the indoctrination, all the “spreading awareness”, the snowflakes just don’t get that they need to be freaked out and asking for the Prozac out of Mom and Dad’s stash Today the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication released a new report entitled “American Teens’ Knowledge of Climate Change” based on a national […]

NY Times: Why, Yes, Military Spending Should Be Cut To Reduce Debt

There are many things one can expect to hear from liberals when it comes to government spending: raise taxes (sorry, “reduce expenditures in the tax code”), increase social spending, cut intelligence spending, and, cut military spending, the last cut being to a duty of the federal government that actually appears in the Constitution….yes, I know, […]

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