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Hacker In Chief Spends Day Discussing Syria

Just kidding, per CBS News’ Mark Knoller, Obama is spending yet another Saturday golfing.

If All You See…

…is an awesome bike not powered by fossil fuels and an evil nuclear power plant, you just might be a Warmist

How About Eco-Friendly Vibrators?

Was taking a jaunt around some of the climate alarmist sites this a.m., and ran across one at Grist from the 12th that I cannot believe I missed back then, written by GINK (green inclinations, no kids) Lisa Hymas, Grist’s resident human hater Buy green sex toys, help support Grist You can’t get pregnant, or […]

“Don’t Talk To Someone Who’s Not Even A Climate Scientist”

I’ve mentioned that this weekend the climate alarmists are holding Power Shift 2011 in D.C., sponsored by the Government Accountability Project, a far left group which operates out of D.C. on ….wait, K Street? Isn’t that where all the evil lobbyists reside? And, we get funny stuff like this Climate Science Watch participated in the […]

As Even More Protesters Are Killed In Syria, Washington Post Calls US Inaction Shameful

There are many differing reports on the death toll during yesterdays protest in Syria. The BBC pegs it the highest At least 72 protesters have been killed by security forces in Syria, rights groups say – the highest reported death toll in five weeks of unrest there. Demonstrators were shot, witnesses say, as thousands rallied […]

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