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NY Times: 2/3rds Of Americans Are Cowards Vis A Vis KSM Trial

Once again, the NY Times editorial board, an anonymous group of limousine liberals, thinks Americans are jerks Cowardice Blocks the 9/11 Trial Last year, Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. described a federal court trial for the self-professed mastermind of Sept. 11 attacks, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, as “the defining event of my time as attorney general.” […]

Climate Change Bad For Health, Says AMA

Say, I wonder how? If physicians want evidence of climate change, they may well find it in their own offices. Patients are presenting with illnesses that once happened only in warmer areas. Chronic conditions are becoming aggravated by more frequent and extended heat waves. Allergy and asthma seasons are getting longer. Spates of injuries are […]

If All You See…

…is an evil gas guzzling boat and beer can releasing CO2, you just might be a Warmist

SCOTUS Upholds Right Of Parents For School Choice

The Supreme Court stood up for taxpayers, parents, and choice In a decision school choice advocates are cheering, the Supreme Court dismissed an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawsuit against an Arizona school program, which allows residents to get a tax break for donations to organizations that grant scholarships to private schools. Justice Anthony Kennedy […]

Age Of Hopium: Inflation Raising Prices, Not Wages

So, Monday, everybody but Obama announced his 2012 re-election campaign (which had been actually going on since January 21st, 2009), with the theme of “I don’t agree with Obama on everything, but, I respect him and trust him.” Tells us how that works out as the US Misery Index continues to rise, and consumer prices […]

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