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UNC Gay Student Assaulted In Hate Crime…Oh, Never Mind!

Earlier today University of North Carolina student Quinn Matney is gay. For that, he says, someone scarred him for life. Matney said a man walked up to him last week near a foot bridge on the Chapel Hill campus, called him a derogatory name, told him, “here is a taste of hell,” and held a […]

Hand Sanitizer Makes You An Evil Conservative

This should be good Just standing next to a bottle of hand sanitizer brings out the conservative in people, a Cornell University study has found. And just looking at a reminder to wash your hands can bring out the sexual puritan, according to the research in the journal Psychological Science. You know this is going […]

Obama’s Debt/Deficit Plan Shockingly Not His Own

Remember the other day I said Obama’s plan would be basically an idea written on a cocktail napkin? Even better, as the New York magazine explains: Obama’s debt plan: those other dudes’ debt plan Tomorrow afternoon, President Obama will enter the debt-reduction debate when he gives a speech at George Washington University, offering up his […]

If All You See…

…is an evil gas sucking Jeep, you might just be a Warmist

Funding Bill Cuts Climate Funds, Climate Czar

Good news from The Hill The bill cuts funding for climate change-related programs by $49 million when compared to enacted fiscal 2010 levels. This includes blocking funding for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s climate service and eliminating President Obama’s energy and climate change adviser, or “climate czar.” Carol Browner, who previously held the position, […]

Climate Alarmist Comes Up With 3 Point Plan To Restart The Alarmism

As the globull warming craze dies a slow, deserved death, many alarmists are working to find ways to get people back on board with the Cult of Gore. Here’s another one at Fangaroo Joe Romm of Climate Progress recently had an interesting post on an email from Environmental Defense Fund President Fred Krupp regarding “how […]

Good News! CIA Mostly Out Of Detention And Interrogation Business

This should make every feel very safe. From the LA Times He’s considered one of world’s most dangerous terrorism suspects, and the U.S. offered a $1-million reward for his capture in 2005. Intelligence experts say he’s a master bomb maker and extremist leader who possesses a wealth of information about Al Qaeda-linked groups in Southeast […]

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