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Obama Abdicates His Debt “Vision” To Congress

Politico has a story up about Nancy Pelosi having a snit fit over not being consulted, yet I think this paragraph is much more important At the time, Sperling was discussing the form and mission of a new bipartisan congressional working group the president wants to charge with establishing a deficit-reduction plan. In the president’s […]

If All You See…

…is an evil car being washed, and wonder if the cleaners are environmentally friendly, you might be a Warmist

Southern Poverty Law Center Whines About English In Durham Schools

They’re worried that Latino’s are being mistreated One of North Carolina’s largest school districts is discriminating against Latino students and their parents by failing to provide them with adequate resources, according to a nationally known civil rights advocacy group threatening to file a federal complaint. But while the Southern Poverty Law Center’s criticism is directed […]

Pathetic: Warmists Now Trying To Connect With “JoeSixpack”

Here’s the latest attempt to somehow create a notion that globull warming is evil and going to destroy us all, because the climate has never changed ever in the 4+ billion year history of the Earth. RealClimate says Perhaps a way to connect with Joe Sixpack? Click the image to open up in full page. […]

Even The Washington Post Notices Obama’s Deficit Speech Was For Campaign 2012

More and more this year, the liberal leaning MSM are willing to give Obama a gentle smack on the behind, like a 4 year who snakes a cookie without mommies permission. And Dan Baltz at the Washington Post is today’s token liberal who chides Obama: Analysis: Obama speech frames a 2012 choice for the country […]

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