Southern Poverty Law Center Whines About English In Durham Schools

They’re worried that Latino’s are being mistreated

One of North Carolina’s largest school districts is discriminating against Latino students and their parents by failing to provide them with adequate resources, according to a nationally known civil rights advocacy group threatening to file a federal complaint.

But while the Southern Poverty Law Center’s criticism is directed at Durham public schools, the dispute raises questions for districts around the state, where Latinos have become the fastest-growing segment of the school-age population. Linguistic hurdles, income gaps and lack of access to services like health care all contribute to making Latino children especially vulnerable, according to groups who study the issue.

Jerri Katzerman, director of educational advocacy for the Birmingham, Ala.-based SPLC, said her group has spoken to hundreds of families who have all said the same thing.

“We have really serious situations where youngsters are feeling unwelcome in their schools,” Katzerman said. “Youngsters routinely endure name-calling, they’re called slurs. There are teachers and students who will mock them, their accents and their lack of English language ability.”

Maybe they should learn English?

The law center’s complaint alleges problems in four areas: a hostile environment for students, limited access to Spanish language interpreters for parents and students, inadequate translation of school materials like report cards, progress reports and teachers’ notes and lack of compliance with federal requirements for communicating with parents of children with low English proficiency.

Maybe the snowflakes and their parents should…..learn English?

BTW, Durham county votes heavily Democrat, something like the 70% and higher range. I guess that makes liberals….raaaaacists!

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3 Responses to “Southern Poverty Law Center Whines About English In Durham Schools”

  1. captainfish says:

    “BTW, Durham county votes heavily Democrat, something like the 70% and higher range. I guess that makes liberals….raaaaacists!”

    Sure sounds like it. But then, we probably would not have this problem if illegals were kept out of this country.

    One of the quickest ways to tell an illegal from a legal….. can they speak English?

    If they can’t speak English, then they need to go to a different school – paid for by them.

    OR!!!! Learn it in Kindergarten like most kids do.

    And, please … tell me what teachers are making fun of kids because of their accent or that they can’t speak english? If the kid can’t speak english, how do they know the teacher is making fun of them or not?

    How does this group know this stuff? They aren’t allowed to sit in classes and ask the kids and teachers questions.

  2. david7134 says:

    I agree with fish, these are almost all illegals, now we have to pay to make sure they have more opportunity than the average American. I seem to recall when this issue of catering to Spanish speakers arouse in CA in the 70’s. They subsequently found that if the kids and parents didn’t learn English, then they didn’t get ahead. That seems to be the object of the Southern Poverty center.

  3. Most of them are probably illegals or migrant workers, neither of who should be attending tax payer funded schools. But, Durham is a sanctuary city, and proud to be one, so, here they are creating a situation that turned and bit them in the ass. With venom

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