Obama Abdicates His Debt “Vision” To Congress

Politico has a story up about Nancy Pelosi having a snit fit over not being consulted, yet I think this paragraph is much more important

At the time, Sperling was discussing the form and mission of a new bipartisan congressional working group the president wants to charge with establishing a deficit-reduction plan. In the president’s view, it would consist of 16 members, plus the vice president as chairman, and finish up by the end of June.

Got that? His Royal Majesty is going to task his subjects in Parliament to do all the actual work to create a debt/deficit plan based on his lordships highly partisan speech and talking points.

This is leadership in Obama World: have a brief outline, give a speech, then expect Someone Else to do the actual work. I told you he (or should that be He, capitalized?) would do this. Hopefully, the Republicans will tell Obama where to stick his kings sceptor.

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7 Responses to “Obama Abdicates His Debt “Vision” To Congress”

  1. captainfish says:

    Nope, they won’t.
    They will be happy to be part of a commission “working group”. They believe that tells voters that they are expertly working, and working hard.

    I am done.

    Boehner is sticking to his vow that he saved only $38 billion with this “budget proposal” that won’t take effect for years.

    Yet, CBO says that its less than $500 million in actual cuts.

    I am done.

    Republicans SUCK!!! And now we have Sen Inhofe once again playing King of the air landing where the hell he feels like. And, recall, the told the Tea Party to go to hell on ending earmarks.

    I tell ya what, if you cut an agency’s budget, there won’t be extra money for earmarks.

    Hell, if there is no agency.. there is no way to demand a special earmark from them.

    I am done!!!

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  4. I see your point.

    I sent some very pointed tweets to Boehner and Cantor today. They might not see them, but, their staff will. They need to get their shit together.

  5. captainfish says:

    At this point I do not believe a word coming out of that Leadership. They are part of the “Old Guard”. Anyone willing to WORK with the Democrats of the likes of Reid and Pelosi have a screw loose and it used to bolt on their Patriotism.

    How you could cave to Planned Parenthood. HOw that EVER got federal funding anyway is beyond belief. Was NPR on this fight? It should have been.

    I don’t care if the Democrat-led Senate would have killed any BOLD and USA-saving bill, it’s CALLED LEADERSHIP PEOPLE. You can’t lead when you are cow-towing to the socialists!!!!!

    If we need to go to the right in the way of spending, but you are at the center and your opponent is very far LEFT, then according to them, where’s the compromise point? Its still on the LEFT.

    Throw that bar to the far right and see where it sticks. At least you put it out there and the country can see you are trying to save us.

    Who cares if the government shuts down. GOOD. That will save us some money!!!!!!

    I knew this Republican leadership would be no good when they didnt appoint Bachman or many of the Tea Party Republicans to any position of merit.

  6. Trish says:

    Time to get drunk. Again. At 8AM even. I think a permanent state of inebriation is called for to survive the next long year and half. If we elected them on principles they declared while campaigning, but they seem to lose them once they’re ensconced in DC, our options are to kick them out at the next election. Problem is, we have to watch all the damage they do while we await our opportunity to tell them where to go. I have sent more emails, faxes and signed petitions in the past year and half, than in my entire lifetime, to what end? I think I am done too. Where’s the Tullamore Dew????

  7. mojo says:

    I have absolutely no problem with Aunt Nanny receding into richly deserved obscurity. It should have happened much earlier.

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