UNC Gay Student Assaulted In Hate Crime…Oh, Never Mind!

Earlier today

University of North Carolina student Quinn Matney is gay. For that, he says, someone scarred him for life.

Matney said a man walked up to him last week near a foot bridge on the Chapel Hill campus, called him a derogatory name, told him, “here is a taste of hell,” and held a heated object to his skin for several seconds, leaving third and fourth-degree burns.

Obviously, all sorts of gay and lesbian groups were upset, were writing letters, thinking about having sit ins, marches, demonstrations, awareness gatherings and…..oh, wait, it’s a couple of hours later

An alleged hate crime against a gay student on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus last week was false, officials said Tuesday.

Chancellor Holden Thorp said a student who told authorities he was branded with a searing hot object because of his sexual orientation filed a false police report and that it will not be reported as a hate crime.

The local Triangle area media were all up in arms earlier, as were lots of liberal site here and across the country. Now it’s like “eh, nevermind.”

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