Obama’s Deficit Speech To Be About Sharing The Pain Democrats Created?

This should be an interesting day, as Champ sets out his “vision” for reducing the deficit

President Barack Obama will describe his plans for long-term deficit reduction Wednesday, in a move likely to kick off a months-long debate with Republicans while alienating some members of his own Democratic Party.

In a midday speech in Washington, Mr. Obama will propose a plan that includes cuts to entitlement programs such as Medicare, limits on military spending and an overhaul of the tax system designed to bring in more revenue. To pre-empt criticism from lawmakers, Mr. Obama is hosting congressional leaders at the White House on Wednesday morning to preview his goals.

There you go: two favorites of the Democrats, reducing the military and raising taxes. Granted, the military could use to have their spending reformed, mostly in how the money is allocated and spent. There is too much waste in the system, such as overpayments, paying contractors for cost over-runs, and surplus (same with so many other federal agencies). But that’s not what Champ will propose: he’ll just want to cut the militaries budget. An overhaul of the tax system would be a good idea, yet, we all know that that is simply a pleasant way of saying “raise taxes.”

The White House described Mr. Obama’s vision for reducing the deficit as one “based on the values of shared prosperity and shared responsibility” and said his speech would lay out four steps to achieve a “balanced” approach. Those are: “keeping discretionary spending low,” cutting the trajectory of defense spending, overhauling the tax code and cutting health care costs “while strengthening Medicare and Medicaid.”

If he wants to keep health care costs…..wait, how does that help the deficit, unless he is going to cut benefits for federal workers? His own outsourced Obamacare legislation will, in Reality Land, add considerably to the federal deficit. Most health spending is in the private sector, not the government sector.

As for “shared prosperity and shared responsibility,” the former sounds kinda commie, doesn’t it? The second, well, the people who should be sharing in that are the idiots who voted Democrats into power in 2006, and Obama in 2008, which led to approximately $5 trillion in new federal debt since Nancy Pelosi took the gavel, and added over a trillion dollars to the federal deficit during Obama’s first year in office.

Suggesting: if you liberals want to be part of the “shared responsibility”, you are welcome to send your own money voluntarily to the IRS. You’ve been made this offer ever since you started whining about the “Bush tax cuts for the rich.” Yet, you don’t. Why is that? Furthermore, I suggest changing the federal tax forms to allow people to formally pay a higher tax rate, such as they do in Massachusetts (where almost no one bothers to pay the higher rate, despite there being so many liberals). Come on, Liberals, do you part. Triple dog dare you!

Anyhow, do not expect much in the way of details today. He’ll give his speech, and then expect Congress to follow his “vision”, while he heads off to some parties, campaign events, vacations, and some golf.

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    Where is Johnny-Cakes Ryan to say he is more than willing to up the amount he pays in tax now?

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