Funding Bill Cuts Climate Funds, Climate Czar

Good news from The Hill

The bill cuts funding for climate change-related programs by $49 million when compared to enacted fiscal 2010 levels. This includes blocking funding for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s climate service and eliminating President Obama’s energy and climate change adviser, or “climate czar.” Carol Browner, who previously held the position, has left the White House.

The GOP needs to keep going after this kind of spending and alarmist idiocy, without forgetting that the big one is defunding Obamacare. These cuts should make the warmists really happy with Obama when he signs the legislation

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3 Responses to “Funding Bill Cuts Climate Funds, Climate Czar”

  1. captainfish says:

    So, they cut funding to a position that is no longer filled?

    Way to go! Way to really crack that whip.
    How about cutting funding for ALL of the czars?!
    How about cutting some real spending instead of rising the baseline and cutting something that was going to be defunded to begin with?

    Ace has the goods on how this budget deal was a sham by both sides.

    I am so sick of the liberal Republican party. I am almost about ready to jump ship to the Paul family.

    When we are needing to have Trillions cut from our spending,.. we are all gloating over a cut of a few billion dollars?

    We are screwing ourselves out of a country.

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  3. Trish says:

    Amen captain. I just got a depressing email stating the fairly obvious but disheartening fact that Obama will win his re-election. Thanks to it’s brutal but honest dissection of the voting blocks, it is painfully clear he has a better shot than Jesus, and so far there isn’t a Republican stirring that is even remotely close to a messiah.
    I am as despondent after reading this, as I was the day after he won it the first time.

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