NY Times Discovers That MSNBC Is Full Of Lefty Partisan Hacks

Well, really, I don’t blame them that much for taking so long. Why should anyone who works at the Grey Lady watch the network? No one else does: MSNBC Presses Obama on Campaign Promises

If President Obama happened to glance at “The Rachel Maddow Show” last Monday, he might have winced.

And Maddow would have been thrilled, since she is barely averaging in a week what Bill O’Reilly gets per night

Ms. Maddow pretended to celebrate the passage of a health care overhaul bill in the House, calling it “potentially a huge generational win for the Democratic Party” — but then halted the triumphant music and called it an “electoral defeat.”

The Stupak amendment, she said, was “the biggest restriction on abortion rights in a generation.” Then she wondered aloud about the consequences for Democrats “if they don’t get women or anybody who’s pro-choice to ever vote for them again.” She returned to the subject the next four evenings in a row.

This is how it looks to have a television network pressuring President Obama from the left.

This is what it looks like to have people who believe that federal funds should be used to pay for abortions, rather then practicing personal responsibility. Disgusting thought: Keith Olbermann and Rachael. Shiver!

While much attention has been paid to the feud between the Fox News Channel and the White House, the Obama administration is now facing criticism of a different sort from Ms. Maddow, Keith Olbermann and other progressive hosts on MSNBC, who are using their nightly news-and-views-casts to measure what she calls “the distance between Obama’s rhetoric and his actions.”

Shocker! They hosts are far left Progressives. Now the funny part

MSNBC’s liberal points of view have made the channel an occasional thorn in the side of G.E., but the channel has also fostered a diversity of opinions that people like Adam Green, the co-founder of the Progressive Campaign Change Committee, say were lacking in the past.

Ms. Maddow, not surprisingly, agrees. “What looks like the middle of the country ought to look like the middle on TV,” she said in an interview this month.

MSNBC’s view of diversity, and the “middle of the country,” means they have liberals and progressives on! Reminds me of that line from The Blues Brothers: “what kind of music do you have here, Ma’am?” “Oh, we have both types. Country AND Western!”

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