President Neophyte Gets Snippy Over Afghanistan Questioning

I suppose when you are used to the press treating you like you are a barely teenaged Disney TV star, you get a bit snippy when they ask you tough questions

President Barack Obama made no effort to conceal his irritation when his press corps used the first question of his maiden Far East trip to ask what was taking him so long on Afghanistan.

Jennifer Loven of The Associated Press had asked: “Can you explain to people watching and criticizing your deliberations what piece of information you’re still lacking to make that call.”

It looks Ms. Jennifer was giving Barry a chance to cover his own a**, but, it was a tough question, and, how freakin’ DARE she question Dear Leader?

“With respect to Afghanistan, Jennifer,” the president scolded, “I don’t think this is a matter of some datum of information that I’m waiting on. … Critics of the process … tend not to be folks who … are directly involved in what’s happening in Afghanistan. Those who are, recognize the gravity of the situation and recognize the importance of us getting this right.”

Gravity of the situation? Really?

The cool president’s heated response reflected second-guessing from the press and Pentagon about a process that has spanned eight formal meetings with his war cabinet, totaling about 20 hours.

Obama has spent a heck of a lot more time doing campaign stops since he was Coronated, but, not so much on actually running the country, and certainly not much on Afghanistan, as has now been reported by The Politico, and was stated by Robert Gibbs.

The White House has been deliberately portraying the process as thorough, emphasizing the opposing views the president has considered, as a way of positing a contrast with President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq.

If they thought the decision to invade Iraq was quick, something which went on for well over a year, I can’t imagine the amount of time they will dither on Afghanistan. We might get a decision on what Obama called a “war of necessity” sometime around September, 2012.

Meanwhile, many Democrats and the media are attempting to give Obama cover over the time he is taking with a new report about what a surge would cost. They aren’t worried about the massive costs of their Porkulus, their 2010 budget, their health system bills, nor the cap and tax, but, a war to take out Islamic terrorists? That they are worried about?

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2 Responses to “President Neophyte Gets Snippy Over Afghanistan Questioning”

  1. manbearpig says:

    I love the periods inserted to denote his pauses when he speaks. Classic.

  2. Otter says:

    I thought the president had decided upon a course of action back in March? What happened to that?

    I also notice the numbers of fatalities of our soldiers have jumped since he took office. I guess Bush’s ‘ignorning’ Afghanistan was good for our military, eh?

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