Socialized Medicine: 70 Dead, Filthy, Blood-Spattered, Lazy

A view of what’s to come if Democrats get their way with single payer

Dozens of patients died needlessly as a result of filthy conditions in an NHS hospital, a shocking report said last night.

Appalling nursing care in Basildon University Hospital contributed to a mortality rate that was more than a third higher than the national average.

At least 70 people may have died who should have been saved.

It is the latest example of patients paying the ultimate price for Labour’s failure to stamp out Third World conditions in the NHS – despite trebling taxpayer funding over the past decade.

What happens next? Well, people are mad and upset, wondering how this could happen, and then they forget about it, because it is just the price that has to be paid a few times a year so that everyone gets the same government run health care.

Of course, we all know that the first people to whine incessently if government run health care is instituted in the USA will be the same Democrats and lefties who championed it, because, like in everything else, those on the Left expect things to hit others, not themselves.

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3 Responses to “Socialized Medicine: 70 Dead, Filthy, Blood-Spattered, Lazy”

  1. Raven says:

    Yeah and this isn’t so odd as many want us to think…Britain has a HUGE problem with nursing issues- in hospitals, nursing homes and the like. Infections are rampant; shortages of all health care workers is also an epidemic over there. Britain is backwards about thirty yrs compared to the US. They weren’t always that far back…and we’ll be joining them soon thanks to liberals and Obama.

  2. This is, horrifyingly, the road the left wants to take us down. I’d rather go to an expensive hospital and get quality care (been there twice for surgery on broken ankle and leg), then socialized and treated like garbage.

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