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Can The UN Be Even More Worthless?

Well, yes. The BBC has a cornucopia of info today. First on the agenda, A top Iranian official has claimed a "great victory" over the US after the UN said it would not punish Iran’s nuclear activities with sanctions. Hassan Rohani said Iran would never give up its right to nuclear power. The UN atomic […]

New Book. Woo Hoo

Been rather light blogging today, picked up the new Nelson Demille book, Night Fall, earlier, and have been engrossed in it. I had been working my way through the Honor Harrington series by David Weber, but the 5th book in the series, Flag in Exile, was not available at the local library. Went to Barnes […]

Carteret County Resolution

The NC State Board of Elections has made a decision regarding the Nov. 2nd election problems in Carteret County, where a voting machine did not record thousands of votes. Memory set incorectly. They have "voted 4-1 to allow allow participation in the special  election by early voters whose ballots were lost, along with those  who […]

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GOP Headquarters Vandalization Update

Yes, I know vandalization is still not a word. Anyhoo (not a word), the three charged with vandalizing the Raleigh GOP headquarters appeared in court Monday the 29th (starting their week on a bad note, eh?) , and have made the wise decision to not waive the Right to council. The three people accused of […]

The Owner’s Manual: Best of Me Symphony #52

The Best of Me Symphony #52 is up at the Owners Manual. For those not familiar with it, it is about your best post(s) at least 60 days old. I submitted 2, and the Owners Manual was kind enough to pop up both. Please stop by and check out everyone’s posts, and submit one yourself.

One Last Kerry Shot

From a few of my favorite Kerryisms: John Kerry to Tom Brokaw tonight: Brokaw: "Did you know that [Berger] was under investigation?"Kerry: "I didn’t have a clue, not a clue."Brokaw: "He didn’t share that with you?Kerry: "I didn’t have a clue." "I don’t own an SUV" "Iraq may not be the war on terror itself, […]

Communication Roundup

Apparently there has been a big too-doo about exploding mobile phone batteries as of late. I have written a few times that I will not write about anything to do with what I do, but, this is safe enough. The big part of the article to notice is this: U.S. phone makers and carriers say […]

Pull The Rug Out

From the NY Post: Congress is likely to move to reduce U.S. funding of the United Nations if leaders at Turtle Bay don’t come clean and institute major reforms in the wake of the Iraq oil-for-food scandal, The Post has learned. Recent interviews with Congress members and staff investigators revealed growing shock and outrage at […]

The Truth

From the Truth Laid Bear comes an expose on Tom Brokaw’s advice for Brian Williams: "Put your head down and do the work, and don’t read the many media critics who will be out there with commentary and criticism in the beginning. Your compact is not with them but with the audience." I personally think […]

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