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The Owner’s Manual: Best of Me Symphony #52

The Best of Me Symphony #52 is up at the Owners Manual. For those not familiar with it, it is about your best post(s) at least 60 days old. I submitted 2, and the Owners Manual was kind enough to pop up both. Please stop by and check out everyone’s posts, and submit one yourself.

One Last Kerry Shot

From a few of my favorite Kerryisms: John Kerry to Tom Brokaw tonight: Brokaw: "Did you know that [Berger] was under investigation?"Kerry: "I didn’t have a clue, not a clue."Brokaw: "He didn’t share that with you?Kerry: "I didn’t have a clue." "I don’t own an SUV" "Iraq may not be the war on terror itself, […]

Communication Roundup

Apparently there has been a big too-doo about exploding mobile phone batteries as of late. I have written a few times that I will not write about anything to do with what I do, but, this is safe enough. The big part of the article to notice is this: U.S. phone makers and carriers say […]

Pull The Rug Out

From the NY Post: Congress is likely to move to reduce U.S. funding of the United Nations if leaders at Turtle Bay don’t come clean and institute major reforms in the wake of the Iraq oil-for-food scandal, The Post has learned. Recent interviews with Congress members and staff investigators revealed growing shock and outrage at […]

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