Daily Archives: November 28, 2004

The Truth

From the Truth Laid Bear comes an expose on Tom Brokaw’s advice for Brian Williams: "Put your head down and do the work, and don’t read the many media critics who will be out there with commentary and criticism in the beginning. Your compact is not with them but with the audience." I personally think […]

Week 12 NFL Lines

With Dale out for a few weeks now (get better soon, swabbie), I thought I would pop up the NFL lines, though, Lord knows, I do not have the traffic he does. Number in parenthsese is the over/under Atlanta +9 1/2 over New Orleans (46) Cincy +6 over Cleveland (38) Denver +11 over Oakland (45) […]

This Is Amazing

From South Korea: A South Korean woman paralyzed for 20 years is walking again after scientists say they repaired her damaged spine using stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood. Hwang Mi-Soon, 37, had been bedridden since damaging her back in an accident two decades ago. Now, I really do not know a whole lot […]

This Just In

I saw a bumper sticker the other day on a car with a Kedwards bumber sticker that read: "Bush Cheated." This is what I want:

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