Daily Archives: November 1, 2004

Ahoy, Maties!

I will be live blogging over at The Command Post tommorrow thru whenever the elections are over, concentrating on the NC races. Will be light through the day over there, then heavier as NC stuff comes in, so I do not expect to do much, if any, on my site. Only so much brain power […]

I agree with the DU’ers

Hard to believe, eh? But, seems as if many of the DUers agree with the GOP EXTREMISTS regarding the 3 Amendments on the NC ballot. They, like myself and many other conservatives, say vote No on all 3. Amendment 1: Constitutional amendment to promote local economic and community development projects by (i) permitting the General […]

More on Arafat

Seems that the wonderbar French doctors have to perform more tests on Arafat. My sources tell me they are trying to find his heart. “He woke up in a good mood, in good shape after a real rest,” said PLO representative Leila Shahid in Paris. “He feels generally better, his general condition is better.” But […]

Avast: It Be That Tax Burden Thing Again

The dems are bring up that whole tax burden is on the middle class thing yet again. I posted this awhile back, but, hey, finding lost treasure. According to the CBO report, the top 20 percent of income earners would have paid 64.0 percent of federal taxes in 2004 without the Bush tax cuts. As […]

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