Daily Archives: November 22, 2004

The Law is da Law

I apologize if others have seen this email that is going around, but I think it is worth a post. If you like it, email it out. And, by all means, feel free to copy it, and link me 🙂 So.. if the US government determines that it is against the law for the words […]

“I Told You So’s”

The Carteret County voting failure has brought a lot of hand-wringing to elections officials and "I-told-you-sos” from activists who sounded the alarm about electronic balloting months ago. A touch-screen voting network there failed to record more than 4,400 votes cast before Election Day because its data storage was full — the result of outdated software […]

Kofi Working that Resume

From the Washington Post Op/Ed page: You can hardly blame United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan if he’s spending a lot of his free time these days touching up his resume. For even by U.N. standards, the oil-for-food scandal; misconduct charges against senior U.N. officials (and furious complaints by U.N. employees in recent days that Mr. […]

Breaking News on Arafat

Reported on Fox News this am, Arafts nephew has released Arafats medical records. They apparently do not show what the cause of death is. And the left wants a socialist medical system why? Also, this is breaking news? Arafat was old. and Evil. He’s now dead, and can no longer send kids off to die […]

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