Daily Archives: November 21, 2004

Sunday Linkaroundage

Having one of those slept wrong and an old whiplash injury is killing me days, so, rather then writing more, here is an Evil Glenn style post: Little Miss Attila has the lowdown on W doing the kind of thing that makes us like him. And, Wizbang is taking nominations for Best Weblogs.   Some are […]

More on Firefox

So, a week of using Firefox, and still pretty darn happy, and impressed, with it. I just ran AdAware, to remove those pesky spyware annoyances, and had 3. Usually end up with 16 or so on an average week. Means Firefox is doing its job. Go download and install it, if you haven’t so far. […]

F.I.S.T, meet the F.B.I

This is the kind of thing that I am totally clueless about until I read about it, listening to mostly rock, country, talk, and what is now considered "oldie’s" (Stones, Zepelins, Rush,etc) rather then the "young folks (that hurt)" stations: (RALEIGH, NC)– It’s an investigation that has stirred commotion on both sides. For two years, […]

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