F.I.S.T, meet the F.B.I

This is the kind of thing that I am totally clueless about until I read about it, listening to mostly rock, country, talk, and what is now considered "oldie’s" (Stones, Zepelins, Rush,etc) rather then the "young folks (that hurt)" stations:

(RALEIGH, NC)– It’s an
investigation that has stirred commotion on both sides. For two years,
"Fight Imperialism Stay Together" has held their "Honk for Peace" every
Friday in honor of troops in Iraq.

But after the state GOP headquarters was vandalized on
the Friday after elections, law enforcement agencies began speculating
F.I.S.T.’s activities.

Agents from the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force are
now involved in the investigation and believe F.I.S.T. may have been

A group that has anarchist leanings and has expressed their hatred of President Bush will get a look see from the FBI, as well as probably the NC State Bureau of Investigation, State Police, Wake County Sherriffs Office, Raleigh PD, etc. F.I.S.T is upset about it:

F.I.S.T. member Elena Everett said, “Events like
that happen after college football games. You know, a couple windows
were broken, some graffiti was scrawled on a window. It’s certainly no
reason to bring in the Joint Terrorism Task Force. That’s not domestic

While either activity is, well, let’s just say bad, what may happen after a football game is not organized, not planned, and doesn’t target the Raleigh GOP headquarters. There have certainly been much more expensive after game incidents and riots. But, it is the intent. Those things just happen, like tearing a goal post down (which ain’t cheap, either.) Having a rally at the Bell Tower on NC State’s campus, then marching off to the GOP headquarters might be a thing that just happens if you are just the average student: doesn’t play when you are an anarchist group.

Searching around the internet(s) has produced quite a few hits and info. These anarchist groups have proliferated all over the country, including Raleigh:

Raleigh police tell Eyewitness News an
anarchist movement is targeting the Triangle. Police says the group’s
most recent strike was the vandalism at Raleigh’s Republican Party
headquarters, where they used spray paint, fireworks and kerosene
soaked rags.

This article was also reposted at an anarchist website. There is also much info and forum conversation at Indymedia Chapel Hill. Let’s see. I have never gone to a rally, football game, sporting event, concert, etc, with fireworks, spray paint, and kerosene. Vandalism and arson (or at least attemped arson), are serious crimes. The goals of 60’s and early 70’s anarchists here in the USA, as well as ones in Europe, were not peaceful, nor are they really peaceful now. These folks may think that they are being unfairly targetted by "the man," but it is being done to protect the rest of us from their activities. They have the Right to peaceably assemble. Not to become violent.


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