Daily Archives: November 7, 2004

I guess this is OK

SInce the French and the UN are large and in charge (sic), I guess it is ok to have a large military presence on a foreign nations soil, as well as: ….dropping percussion grenades on mobs massing at bridges, the international airport and the military base in Abidjan. French troops also fired tear gas and […]

GOP Office in Raleigh Vandalized

RALEIGH, N.C. — Authorities say an apparent mob of vandals caused some smoke damage inside of North Carolina Republican Party headquarters on Hillsborough Street late Friday night. The building also had some broken windows, posters with political messages scattered around and vulgar words spraypainted on the walls. The sign in front of the building was […]

Ye Olde Daile Silliness(e)

Now that the election is over, there is time for other stuff along with politics and news and such. Every morning I plan on posting one bit off humor, whether it be a joke, a gag, silly story, etc. Some will be nice, some naughty. If I post something sexist, I promise that I will […]

If Kerry had won

would the Bush supporters have an entire forum section somewhere entitled "Report Voting Problems" like the Democratic Underground? I am not even aware of any forum with the scope and size, other then Free Republic, of the DU. Somewhere that all the GOPers congregate and get all their info and links. Me, I get my […]

Psst: Hey Libs:

Michael Goodwin of the NY Post tears apart the seethers: Psst. Hey, buddy, wanna hear a secret? President Bush won the election. Big-time. Pass it on. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so we may soon need to send out smoke signals or bang on jungle drums to spread the news. Somehow, we’ve got to […]

Ye Old NY Times

I guess the deaths of 9 French soldiers and all the violence in the Ivory Coast isn’t important to the NY Times, at least as a top story for their RSS. Multiple stories on Iraq, Bush, the GOP, and a martian robot demo. BBC has it. So does the Washington Post (2 of the 3 […]

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