Psst: Hey Libs:

Michael Goodwin of the NY Post tears apart the seethers:

Psst. Hey, buddy, wanna hear a secret? President Bush won the election. Big-time. Pass it on.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so we may soon need to send out smoke signals or bang on jungle drums to spread the news. Somehow, we’ve got to get the word out to John Kerry supporters that their guy isn’t going to be President.

They seemed to have missed the election returns. How else to explain the avalanche of puzzling demands that Bush move leftward so the polarized nation can "heal" and "come together"?

Even before all the votes were counted, dire warnings poured forth from pundits and pulpits that Bush must abandon his agenda and principles. It seems too many Americans are so upset over his win that he must become the nanny-in-chief. Or they’re just gonna cry and be really, really mad.

The left needs to stop living in the past. It is all about what happened (1st monday in November 2000, 9/10/01, 11/1/04) in the past to them. If they put their energies into the future, in a non insane way, perhaps they could make their agenda for the future of the USA part of the whole. We all know it will never happen, though.

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