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Ivory Coast No Longer a Quagmire

Quagmire: 2. A difficult or precarious situation; a predicament. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary. What is happening in the Ivory Coast at this time has moved beyond the smartass post Quagmire! from early this afternoon. It is a problem. It is all good and fun to denigrate the French, however, the situation in in the Ivory Coast has […]

One of My Faves

Was in a joke fest earlier, and I remembered this one. The following is the transcript of an ACTUAL radio conversation that took place in October 1995, between a US Navy ship off the coast of England, and some British authority. The transcript was released by the MoD. BRITS: Please divert your course 15 degrees […]


The French look to be in serious trouble in the Ivory Coast: ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast (AP) — Ivory Coast warplanes bombed French peacekeepers Saturday, killing eight French soldiers and an American, officials said, prompting a French counterstrike in a confrontation that threatened to escalate Ivory Coast’s renewed civil war. After the French retaliation, pro-government mobs […]

Moonbats ready to flee?

Ogre’s Politics and Views has the lowdow on the moonbats contacting Canada: Apparently immediately after George Bush was declared the winner, the Canadian immigration web site suddenly received a large amount of traffic, apparently from the United States. 115K hits Wednesday and 65K Thursday, up from a norm of 20K. Don’t let the screen door […]

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