Daily Archives: November 11, 2004

You out there Lefties?

Please see N.Z. Bear. He has the straight truth. Post of the Month. While I, for one, get a kick out the loons actions for short periods of time, their insanity gets old. And possibly dangerous. Before the election, I made a deal with a friend of a friend to buy a Beretta 9000s if […]

Absurdity Extreme

The woman who admits she ran down a man on Interstate 40 took the stand Wednesday in the case against a friend who tried to cover for her. Rabah Samara faces felony and misdemeanor hit-and-run charges for his role in the death of Stephen Gates. Gates was changing a flat tire on Interstate 40 on […]


Arafat has finally kicked the bucket (though, they apparently do not know why yet.) He is done. Toast (hopefully, literally.) Several world leaders have chimed in: French President Jacques Chirac eulogized Arafat as a "man of courage and conviction who, for 40 years, has been the incarnation of the Palestinians’ combat for recognition of their […]

It Keeps Getting Better and Better

It may not have been just the Raleigh office of the GOP that was vandalized: The suspected anarchists may have destroyed more than the Republican headquarters. Some homes in Raleigh were recently vandalized and police believe members of the underground group may be responsible. One homeowner who says the Bush/Cheney sign on his lawn made […]

Ye Olde Daile Silliness(e)

An actual British complaint letter. The piece suggests two things: 1) Americans and Canadians are not the only ones who get poor service from their ISP, cable and/or alarm companies. (NTL is a cable operator in Britain). 2) The Brits probably write the world’s best letters of complaint. ===================================================== Dear Cretins: I have been an […]

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