Daily Archives: November 4, 2004

“I shoulda gone to America”

Could be that the reason they do not know what is wrong with Arafat is that he is still sitting in the socialist paradises waiting room.

Pauvres, Pauvres, Pussy Cat Jacques Chirac

It’s just so terrible’! Soak all the Kerry flags in bleach, and get the peasants on to making flag holders. Oh, and make sure our embassies take down their flags. We do not want a repeat of the Americans Lybia action. Our Ambassador is still cleaning his shorts out. (A Precision Guided Humor Assignment)


The Cap’n started to write a little something on aggregators, how to use them, how to hook up the people you syndicate, etc, but my hand just hurts to much. So, since it is going to take another day or 2 to complete, I would ask that, if you have any tips, tricks, advice, etc, […]

My Buddies at the Guardian

Bunch of sore losers. And it ‘taint even their election. So, as they say in jolly old England, they can piss off. “I am deeply ashamed to call myself American,” wrote another, while, “I’m ashamed to be English,” countered a third, in a competitive orgy of shame. Lots of people talked about powerlessness. “And that,” […]

Now THIS is Important

May 19th, May 19th, May 19th. It’s like waiting for Election Day!

Who to Believe?

Palestinian terrorist leader Yassar Arrafat as fallen into a coma: Palestinian officials in Paris say Yasser Arafat is in a coma at the hospital where he is being treated for an unexplained illness. However, this has been strongly denied by officials in the West Bank. “President Arafat lost consciousness three times… The first two times […]

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