My Buddies at the Guardian

Bunch of sore losers. And it ‘taint even their election. So, as they say in jolly old England, they can piss off.

“I am deeply ashamed to call myself American,” wrote another, while, “I’m ashamed to be English,” countered a third, in a competitive orgy of shame. Lots of people talked about powerlessness. “And that,” said one, ominously, “won’t lift until we get our own general election.”

At some point in the afternoon, fatalism set in. No one had anything more to say. I phoned Suzy, a graduate student at LSE. Sky News could be heard in the foreground and BBC News 24 in the background. She talked about the “glimmer of hope”, and how surprised she’d been by the scale of her own disappointment. Half way through the conversation she broke off and called to her flatmates: “Has Ohio been declared yet?”

A little voice came back, “It doesn’t matter. Kerry has conceded.”

Please see Captain Ed for more (hat tip to him, as well. I perused the Guardian yesterday (then washed me hands well), and missed it). My right most fingers and knuckles hurt alot from using a laptop to much over the past few days. Time to either by a mouse for it, or use the desktop more.

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