Daily Archives: November 17, 2004

Light day today

Beyond what I have already posted today, will probably have nada for the rest of the day. Meetings all day, and then post meeting get together. Also, if I do not respond to comments, that be why, maties. Ye olde hit counter popped over 7,000 last night, so I thank everyone.

Mozilla Firefox

I have been using Mozilla’s Firefox as alternative to Internet Explorer since Sunday the 14th, and have been pretty pleased so far. There are a few bugs that need to be worked out, particularly with pages that have frames, but, I can live with that for the benefits of Firefox. What are they, you say? […]

Ye Olde Daile Silliness(e)

No Explanation needed.

Ohio, Libs? Forgetaboutit

Not going to happen. Kerry knew it. His lawyers know it. Bush supporters know it. GiveItUpMoonbats.org. COLUMBUS, Ohio – Most of the presidential election provisional ballots rejected so far in Ohio came from people who were not even registered to vote, election officials said after spending nearly two weeks poring over thousands of disputed votes. […]

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