Daily Archives: November 26, 2004

I Cannot Wait For My Next Flight

I’m glad the Transportation Security Administration is doing their best to make flying and pre-screening fun again. My flight on December 24th seems a long time away.

The W.T.O Can Go (censored) Themselves

Ya know, I have said before that I generally do not curse when writing. It isn’t any sort of elitism, it is just the way I write. In personal conversations, I will curse up a storm at times. But, in regards to the World Trade Organization, they can bite me. The World Trade Organization authorized […]

Buy American

Very interesting website and book, How to Buy American. One interesting point that the website makes is not just about buying American made goods, but about buying goods made in America, owned by American companies. For instance, both Swiss Miss and Nestle hot chocolate are made in America. But Swiss Miss is an American owned […]

Turkey, Turkey, Turkey

Did you know that there is a Turkey, North Carolina? How about that North Carolina is the nations second largest producer of turkeys? I thought it was peacocks, but that is one of those "boy, am I hungover" stories for a different time. And, speaking of Turkey, can someone wake Ogre up? He live blogged […]

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