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Very interesting website and book, How to Buy American. One interesting point that the website makes is not just about buying American made goods, but about buying goods made in America, owned by American companies. For instance, both Swiss Miss and Nestle hot chocolate are made in America. But Swiss Miss is an American owned and operated company, and Nestle is owned by a Swiss company (the irony). While you are putting some money into the American economy by buying Nestle, most of the profits go overseas. Besides, Swiss Miss tastes better.

Also, there is a website called, which will allow you to shop and purchase American made goods. Amazing what one can do on the internet(s).


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3 Responses to “Buy American”

  1. Patty-Jo says:

    Thanks for the heads up on buying American. I try to do that. You’re right Swiss Miss is yummy!

  2. Here we go with this jingoistic mess again, huh? I thought that movement went away in the early 90’s and after NAFTA.

  3. It was an interesting tid bit of news on a slow day. I would rather put money into US companies, though it isn’t always possible.

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