The W.T.O Can Go (censored) Themselves

Ya know, I have said before that I generally do not curse when writing. It isn’t any sort of elitism, it is just the way I write. In personal conversations, I will curse up a storm at times. But, in regards to the World Trade Organization, they can bite me.

The World Trade Organization authorized the European Union, Canada and five other countries today to impose about $150 million in trade sanctions on the United States in retaliation for an import duties law that has been ruled illegal.

Bite me.

The sanctions would be aimed at a wide range of American exports, possibly including steel ball bearings, cod, shoes and apples. Most would be imposed by Japan and the European Union, which have been the hardest hit by the United States’ law.

Bite me.

Known as the Byrd amendment, after Senator Robert Byrd, the West Virginia Democrat who proposed it in 2000, the law gives American companies the proceeds from duties levied on foreign rivals deemed to be dumping products in the United States at below-market prices.

The old racist did something good? Cool.

The office of the United States trade representative said today that it was working to revamp the law. "We already notified the W.T.O. that we intend to comply with our international commitments," a spokesman, Richard Mills, said.

Bite me.

"This is very significant; it sends a very important message to the United States," she said. "Its trading partners are getting tired of the way the United States behaves."

Go f*ck yourselves, WTO.

Other countries dump their products on our shores at rediculous prices, then the profits go back to that country. The other countries have huge tariffs on US goods that are imported into their countries.

Bite me.

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3 Responses to “The W.T.O Can Go (censored) Themselves”

  1. Cassandra says:

    William, William, William… I am very, very disappointed in you.

    Such *language* 🙂

    Go wash out your mouth with soap, young man.

  2. Gotta let loose every once in a while. 🙂

  3. Maggie says:

    OK, here’s the deal…we dump the WTO first just to try it on for size and then we hit the UN.

    We’re outta here. Bite you, too.

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