Daily Archives: November 20, 2004

Another Blogflict of Interest

From DM Europe: The Croatian government has recalled an official from its Washington embassy after he apparently wrote on his blog that the diplomatic meetings were boring and that there was no difference between President Bush and the Democratic candidate John Kerry, according to a report from Reuters. Third secretary at the Croatian embassy in […]

Generosity Index

The Bitch Girls (I love that name!) have a little thing on what states give most.  North Carolina is #16. The first Blue State is New York, at #26. Massachusetts? #49.

Democrats, Stop!

Writing without the partisan spin, and trying to reach out to you. What it all comes down to, and this will be rather insulting, as I cannot put it diplomatically. No matter how much you cry and scream and yell, Bush will be president for 4 more years. You can choose to either give up […]

Fatty, Fatty, Faaatty

Check out Slings and Arrows, where Lord Byron has an article on Linda "never met a cream puff she didn’t like" Ronstadt’s latest foray into Moonbat world. He is dead on with this one: Linda reminds us of this axiom – A Republican knows what’s best for him. A Democrat knows what’s best for you.

Academic Freedom?

SALISBURY, N.C. — A community college instructor who was suspended for showing "Fahrenheit 9/11" in class the week before the presidential election is offering no apologies and says he was unfairly punished. Davis March showed the Michael Moore documentary critical of President Bush to his film class. Administrators pulled the plug on the movie with […]

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