Democrats, Stop!

Writing without the partisan spin, and trying to reach out to you. What it all comes down to, and this will be rather insulting, as I
cannot put it diplomatically. No matter how much you cry and scream and
yell, Bush will be president for 4 more years. You can choose to either
give up your counter productive behavior and rants, and move your Party
back into the mainstream, or continue living in the past and harping on
things that are not going to change, and see your parties ability to
win anything go in the crapper. You will isolate the swing voters.
Think on it. You can live in the past on Clinton’s coat tails, or look
towards the future.

We put up with Clinton for 8 years. Yes, I voted for him for his second term. I thought he was slightly better the Senator Bob Dole. I voted for Gore. I like his environmental stances. I do not take the position that 9/11 was Clinton’s fault, nor Bush’s fault. Pre 9/11 was a different time and place. It is easy to Monday Morning QB what the Feds were doing under either president. We do not know what Gore might have done. Maybe more police action. Maybe nuked Afghanistan. We will never know.

I implore you to look forward, towards being productive cogs in the political process, rather then being simply criticizers. You do not have to like the Bush agenda, but you have to deal with it.

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4 Responses to “Democrats, Stop!”

  1. “You do not have to like the Bush agenda, but you have to deal with it”

    Or perhaps, you know, FIGHT TO STOP IT because we don’t like it.

    Are you suggesting we just all shut up and let the Bush agenda just “happen” because he won the election?

    Sorta like how the Republicans just threw up their hands and “oh, well, I guess we need to move to the center and play nice” during those idyllic 8 years of Clinton?


  2. You can, and should, fight for your view on America, but there becomes a point where the rhetoric and actions become counterproductive.

    And, I totally disagreed with what happened regarding the Clinton impeachment. Was no need for all that happened. Just a Presidential Censure, hard slap on the hand, and move on. My opinion is that much of what we have today started then.

  3. I totally disagreed with what happened regarding the Clinton impeachment

    Funny. At the time, I was for it.

  4. Really? I thought that what clinton did was bad, lying to a grand jury, but not worth the time and expense required to impeach him.

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