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Guest Map

I have popped up a little Bravenet Guest Map. Feel free to map yourself, and I would like to say thanks for stopping in. Also, thanks to American Warmonger, where I saw this, and stole the idea 🙂

New NC Election Local Only?

Wow. I am impressed. Responsibility in government: Republican members of the State Board of Elections aren’t sold on the idea of a new statewide election to resolve the agriculture commissioner’s race, the results of which were delayed by lost votes in Carteret County. Chuck Winfree of Greensboro and Lorraine Shinn of Greenville, the GOP members, […]

UN Bloodsuckers

Seems as if Kofi Annans son, Kojo, has been taking bribes through the Oil For Food program long after 1999, up into 2004. Why is it that some folks pitch a fit over Dick Cheney’s past leadership of Haliburton, while ignoring that the head of the UN’s son worked for a company, Cotecna, that was […]

test post

for some reason, I am not seeing my site being updated at other sites, so trying something out. Looks like there is some problem, where the info from Weblogs.com is not making it to Blogrolling. I have gone through searchs for many blogs, and they have new posts, and show those times at Weblogs. Have […]

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