New NC Election Local Only?

Wow. I am impressed. Responsibility in government:

Republican members of the State Board of Elections aren’t sold on the
idea of a new statewide election to resolve the agriculture
commissioner’s race, the results of which were delayed by lost votes in
Carteret County.

Chuck Winfree of Greensboro and Lorraine Shinn of Greenville, the GOP
members, suggest the board should ask the 4,438 people whose votes
weren’t counted due to a machine error to vote again.

A new statewide election would cost as much as $3.5 million, and a new
countywide election also is possible. Because the voters whose ballots
didn’t count voted early, election officials know their identities and
can easily contact them.

Makes sense to me. Why spend all that money for people to revote? They voted once, no need to vote a second time. Keep it local.

Turnout in a new election would be a fraction
of the Nov. 2 turnout, Winfree said, and would amount to "throwing out
3.2 million votes to save 4,000, which I think is unreasonable."

Yup. But, the Democrats on the panel want to force a full revote:

Board Chairman Larry Leake, one of the panel’s three Democrats, said a
vote that is open only to those who cast the lost ballots wouldn’t be

Here is an idea. In those few counties with the biggest issues, such as Carteret County, full new vote. Do not have one in any of the other counties. Make sense?

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One Response to “New NC Election Local Only?”

  1. Ogre says:

    Sorry, but we’re in NC (D). The Democrats control all the boards of elections (D), so it makes no difference what the Republicans on those boards say. I’m surprised when they even get any press.

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