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Call 911!

I am worried about the folks at ABCnews and the New York Times . They are the only big MSM’s that haven’t updated their electoral trackers to give Ohio to W. Might need CPR. The Boston Globe folks might be dead, seeing as how un-updated their site is (at the time of this post) Update: […]

The Big K Shows His Arm

Kerry Conceeded?

Just heard on FoxNews that Kerry has called President Bush to concede. Stay tuned! Update: here is the AP link. It is rather seething. President Bush won a second term from a divided and anxious nation, his promise of steady, strong wartime leadership trumping John Kerry’s fresh-start approach to Iraq and joblessness. After a long, […]

Democratic Underground Frothing

Ballots from 40 precincts in Ohio loaded into a truck with Bush/Cheney (proof?) Where did all the votes go? (seeing long lines doesn’t necessarily equate to huge #’s. I think the news said maybe 60% voting) Kerry winning Exit Polls – FRAUD LOOKS PROBABLE (don’t think so. Exit polls can be highly skewed, such as […]

A Thank You

I would just like to say thanks to all those who have stopped by and/or link to the Pirate’s Cove. I very much appreciate it. When I started blogging back in July 2004, I figured it would take a year or so to get where I am today, but I got a big break with […]

NC Returns

Looks like NC had a slightly higher turnout then 2000: With 90 percent of the state’s precincts reporting by 1 a.m., 3,029,953 people had voted in the presidential race. Four years ago, the total number of voters was 3,015,964. State elections director Gary Bartlett figured turnout was near 65 percent, though officials won’t know until […]

Oh, John?

Just a reminder. It’s over. Give it up. MoveOnJohn.org. You cannot win Ohio. The numbers are not there. It is not Too Close To Call. There are not approx 250,000 provisional ballots. It is 135K. And not all will be legitimatet. You are loosing by 136K. It is that whole math thing, John. Perhaps Teresa’s […]

GWB: Back to the WH!

I posted this back on October 29th, and had made a little webpage over on a Road Runner home page. I was that confident. So, I am just reposting the same thing in full: Call me crazy, but I am so confident that W is going to win, that I have put this webpage together. […]

NC Winners

Looks like the big winners in NC are Easley(D), Burr(R), and Bush(R). Almost had the Killer B’s. Walter Jones(R-3), Bob Etheridge(D-2), and Brad Miller(D-13) keep their seats in Congress. Also projected are Butterfield(D-1)), David Price(D-4), Virginia Foxx(R-5), Howard Coble(R-6), Mike McIntyre (D-7), Robin Hayes(R-8), Sue Myrick(R-9), Patrick McHenry(R-10), Charles Taylor(R-11), and Mel Watt(D-12). Number is […]

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