Oh, John?

Just a reminder. It’s over. Give it up. MoveOnJohn.org. You cannot win Ohio. The numbers are not there. It is not Too Close To Call. There are not approx 250,000 provisional ballots. It is 135K. And not all will be legitimatet. You are loosing by 136K. It is that whole math thing, John. Perhaps Teresa’s financial advisors can explain it to you.

Do the right thing and concede. Do not do everything you can to divide the country even more. You lost the popular vote by almost 4 million. The more you hold off on that whole concession thing, and the more that you drag out the election, the more problems you will cause. The country needs some unification, and, guess what? You can help by conceding gracefully and backing the President. Do not give the standard moonbat answers of disenfranchisement and getting lawyers to search for evey single person whose vote wasn’t counted. Guess what? People screw up when voting. For real.

And, the longer you drag this out, the higher the chance that people are going to care enough to push that whole “Other then Honorable” discharge thing. And push for you to sign your 180’s to find out the truth. And the higher the chance that Teresa will say something stupid and really cause some issues.

Hey, and thanks for sending out Edwards to speak to your supporters last night. That was classy. People have been standing in a drizzle for 7 hours, and you cannot even make an appearnce yourself? Nice. Really Presidential. Will you send out Edwards with your concession speech? Or maybe Teresa? Or your daughter can tell a nice story about you and a hamster.

Oh, for there to be a live mike right after the concession speech. Perhaps we will get one of those gems Kerry has provided before.

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