NC Returns

Looks like NC had a slightly higher turnout then 2000:

With 90 percent of the state’s precincts reporting by 1 a.m., 3,029,953 people had voted in the presidential race. Four years ago, the total number of voters was 3,015,964.

State elections director Gary Bartlett figured turnout was near 65 percent, though officials won’t know until later this week. The state’s highest percentage turnout was 68 percent in 1984, but laws enacted since then allowing easier registration have made for larger voter rolls, explaining the higher numbers of ballots cast.

North Carolina also has had a good influx of transplants, which could account for the higher turnout. I would hazard to guess that the partisanship of the election didn’t change the dynamics all that much.

Taking a look at the individual counties, there really wasn’t much difference in who won the Presidential race 2004 than in 2000, in either the counties or the county returns. However, in Wake County (where the state capital of Raleigh is located) it was Bush 51% Kerry 48%. Bush 172,563 to Kerry 162,750 popular, with Badnarik getting 1,300 votes. In 2000, the percentages were similar, but in popular vote, Bush 142,494 and Gore 123,466. A large influx of new voters into the Wake county area.

Either way, Bush carried North Carolina by a large margin, 56% to 43%, with Badnarik getting 1%.

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