Democratic Underground Frothing

Ballots from 40 precincts in Ohio loaded into a truck with Bush/Cheney (proof?)

Where did all the votes go? (seeing long lines doesn’t necessarily equate to huge #’s. I think the news said maybe 60% voting)

Kerry winning Exit Polls – FRAUD LOOKS PROBABLE (don’t think so. Exit polls can be highly skewed, such as how there was a much higher amount of women in the exit polls.)

JOHN KERRY, DON’T CONCEDE. EXPOSE THE FRAUD. SAVE THIS COUNTRY! (give it a couple hours, sparky. Canada is calling)

ONE MORE TIME: STOLEN AGAIN — HERE ARE FACTS — USE THEM! (Facts. Snicker. Should be interesting when the dems start using them.)

I’m tired of being governed by rednecks(hey, I resemble that remark. Get used to 4 more years of it, moonbats)

And the hit parade keeps going and going. I am waiting for the threads about the dems saying they are leaving the country. Haven’t found any current ones yet. Figures. They were big on that talk before, now none.

Update: the eminent John Hawkins at Right Wing News pulls some more stuff now that the DU is open again. No way I was registering at giving them an email address. Right Wing News was the first blog I ever read, and is primo uno. Maybe John will give me a mention. Hey, it worked for Little Miss Attila, but, then again, I’m probably not as pretty as either her or her graphic. Nor female 🙂

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