Another Blogflict of Interest

From DM Europe:

The Croatian government has recalled an official from its Washington embassy after he apparently wrote on his blog that the diplomatic meetings were boring and that there was no difference between President Bush and the Democratic candidate John Kerry, according to a report from Reuters.

Third secretary at the Croatian embassy in Washington DC, Vibor Kalogjera, 25, had been narrating his experiences under the pseudonym "Vibbi".

He is said to have violated state laws on foreign affairs and civil servants.

Writing negative, derogatory, and/or embarassing things about your work is not exactly a good thing, if people can figure it out. I wrote about this (third paragraph down) several weeks ago, and it is still true. Heck, there are several fantastic things that are happening with my company. I could write lots of nice things that would be good for the company, and help it out with it’s business. I could write things about what we do, and what we sell. Some cool things going on. They would have to go through alot of blogs to figure out which one is mine. But, I do not do that. Conflict of interest, and that one high ranking officer may get offended. Hey, I would love to talk up my company, and put a banner up. I would love to discuss my knowledge in my business with people. Not going to happen. I like my job.

Maybe one day, months past the election, I will ask upper management. It would be nice to discuss what I do. Maybe even get a few bucks out of them to pay the $13 a month typepad costs me ๐Ÿ™‚

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2 Responses to “Another Blogflict of Interest”

  1. Jeremy says:

    13 friggin bucks a month!?!?! Steal your template and roll over to blogspot. It’s free.

    On the company thing I really feel you. It’s not what I do but my company is the sole producer of the guidance system/radar for the tomahawk missile system. If you guess the right one I can neither confirm nor deny it. Yeah, it’s a cool company. They own the patent to microwaves as well!

  2. Sounds cool. Y’all do good work, whoever it is you work for ๐Ÿ™‚

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