Ohio, Libs? Forgetaboutit

Not going to happen. Kerry knew it. His lawyers know it. Bush supporters know it. GiveItUpMoonbats.org.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Most of the presidential election
provisional ballots rejected so far in Ohio came from people who were not even
registered to vote, election officials said after spending nearly two weeks
poring over thousands of disputed votes.

Oops. Can kiss all those goodbye, even though you think that every single one was a vote for Kerry. It is called "The Law."


The vast majority of provisional ballots have been legitimate, however. Of
the 11 counties that have completed checking ballots, 81 percent of the ballots
are valid, according to a survey Monday by The Associated Press.


Unofficial vote totals show President Bush beating Democrat John Kerry by 136,000 votes in Ohio, and Kerry has conceded there are not enough
outstanding votes to swing the state his way. (emphasis mine)

Nope. Not happening there, either. Damm.

Some people said they were holding out hope for a miracle until all votes
were counted. Lawyers with Kerry’s campaign were in Ohio to check into voters’
concerns about ballots, but said they were not trying to challenge the election.

Oh, well, Regressives. I would say "better luck next time," but I wouldn’t mean it, and wouldn’t even be able to say it without going into convulsive fits from laughing.

Reasons provisional ballots were rejected in Ohio included missing
information such as addresses or signatures and people voting in precincts where
they do not live. Other people simply were not registered.


"Some people thought because they had changed their mailing address at the
post office, or had changed their utilities, that they had done everything
necessary to be eligible to vote," said Nancy Moore, deputy director of the
Belmont County Board of Elections. "They still have to change their address at
the board of elections. We’re not mindreaders."

Yada yada yada, too stupid to vote, not trying to overturn the election, making sure every ballot is counted, Bush still won………



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