I guess this is OK

SInce the French and the UN are large and in charge (sic), I guess it is ok to have a large military presence on a foreign nations soil, as well as:

….dropping percussion grenades on mobs massing at bridges, the international airport and the military base in Abidjan.

French troops also fired tear gas and warning shots from a helicopter to disperse the mobs, Reuters said.

So, I guess that is OK. Don’t misunderstand me, I the gov’t of the Ivory Coast has accepted them, and the UN and the French can do something to alleviate the violence and warfare within the Ivory Coast, I support that. Yet, the French and the UN, along with all those who condemn the Coalition actions in Iraq, seem to find no problem with what is occuring in the IC. France is sending more troops. The UN is condemning and helping out.

The (UN Security) council authorized French and other peacekeepers to use "all necessary means" to stop the fighting.

Can you imagine the UNSC saying that about Iraq? Me neither.

However, Ivory Coast said it would ask the U.N. Security Council to take action against France.

Presidential spokesman Tagro told state television: "We are faced with aggression by one country against another country. We are going to inform the entire world … that France has come to attack us."

We shall have to wait for more facts to see what is rhetoric and what is real.

"That is all that this is about, ensuring security. Security, not destabilization," French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier said in a statement.

Again, can you imagine if Colin Powell said that about Iraq?

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