I agree with the DU’ers

Hard to believe, eh? But, seems as if many of the DUers agree with the GOP EXTREMISTS regarding the 3 Amendments on the NC ballot. They, like myself and many other conservatives, say vote No on all 3.

Amendment 1: Constitutional amendment to promote local economic and community development projects by (i) permitting the General Assembly to enact general laws giving counties, cities, and towns the power to finance public improvements associated with qualified private economic and community improvements within development districts, as long as the financing is secured by the additional tax revenue resulting from the enhanced property value within the development district and is not secured by a pledge of the local government’s faith and credit or general taxing authority, which financing is not subject to a referendum; and (ii) permitting the owners of property in the development district to agree to a minimum tax value for their property, which is binding on future owners as long as the development district is in existence.

Amendment 2: Constitutional amendment to provide that the General Assembly may place the clear proceeds of civil penalties, civil forfeitures and civil fines collected by a state agency in a state fund to be used exclusively for maintaining free public schools.

Amendment 3: Constitutional amendment to provide for the first-term of office for magistrates of the General Court of Justice to be two years and for subsequent terms to be four years.

While I have posted these over at the Command Post, that is a no spin zone for the elections. Nor will I go any farther, but, I do have to give a hat tip to Ogre’s Politics and Views for bringing them to my attention.

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One Response to “I agree with the DU’ers”

  1. Ogre says:

    Looks like the early polls and “conventional wisdom” have Amendment 1 (the WORST one) failing, Amendment 2 (for the children) passing, and Amendment 3 is a tossup. All should fail, but 1 needs to fail the most.

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