Week 12 NFL Lines

With Dale out for a few weeks now (get better soon, swabbie), I thought I would pop up the NFL lines, though, Lord knows, I do not have the traffic he does. Number in parenthsese is the over/under

  1. Atlanta +9 1/2 over New Orleans (46)
  2. Cincy +6 over Cleveland (38)
  3. Denver +11 over Oakland (45)
  4. KC +3 over San Diego (52)
  5. Vikings +6 over Jaguars (46 1/2)
  6. Patriots +7 over Ravens (36)
  7. J-e-t-s, Jets, Jets, Jets +3 over Cardinals (36)
  8. Egirls +7 over Giants (37 1/2) Go Big Blue!
  9. Steelers + 10 1/2 over Redskins (36)
  10. San Fran +1 over Miami (38)
  11. Seattle +5 1/2 over Buffalo (38)
  12. Pirates, I mean Bucs +2 1/2 over Panthers (39)
  13. Titans + 1 1/2 over Houston (43 1/2)
  14. Green Bay + 6 over Rams on Monday night (52)

My fantasy QB’s are so bad that I had to pick up Drew Bledsoe to start. Please let Moss stay healthy. Been loosing bad without him.

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3 Responses to “Week 12 NFL Lines”

  1. Julie says:

    Oh my God–you do Fantasy football also (so does my husband along with Fantasy baseball and whatever else he can find.) We are big Auburn fans (when it comes to college football)..I don’t have a big pro team although I favor the Falcons b/c I have a friend who is a recruiter there and of course, we’re big Atlanta Braves fans (the Redsox are our 2nd favorite!)

  2. Julie says:

    BTW, I like the little Santa hats! nice touch!

  3. Thanks, Julie. I have this great web design program with 50K clipart and images. Thought a little change for Christmas would be nice.

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