One Last Kerry Shot

From a few of my favorite Kerryisms:

John Kerry to Tom Brokaw tonight:
Brokaw: "Did you know that [Berger] was under investigation?"
Kerry: "I didn’t have a clue, not a clue."
Brokaw: "He didn’t share that with you?
Kerry: "I didn’t have a clue."

"I don’t own an SUV"

"Iraq may not be the war on terror itself, but it is critical to the
outcome of the war on terror, and therefore any advance in Iraq is an advance
forward in that…" — John Kerry 12/15/03

"I will stand up and struggle, as others have, to try to get that right balance between violence, and sex, and things." – John Kerry

I really just wanted a format to post that last one πŸ™‚

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