Pull The Rug Out

From the NY Post:

Congress is likely to move to reduce U.S. funding of
the United Nations if leaders at Turtle Bay don’t come clean and
institute major reforms in the wake of the Iraq oil-for-food scandal,
The Post has learned.

Recent interviews with Congress members and staff investigators
revealed growing shock and outrage at the scope of history’s biggest
financial scandal, in which Saddam Hussein is alleged to have ripped
off $21.3 billion from a humanitarian program intended to provide food
and medicine to the Iraqi people.

The officials said there is increasing sentiment to take
drastic action, including cutting U.S funding if the United Nations
doesn’t make radical changes in its secretive policies and questionable
management procedures.

    The $1.12 billion annual U.S. contribution to the United Nations represents 22 percent of the world body’s budget.

Pull it, or at least drastically reduce the contributions. Now, $1.12 billion is a drop in the bucket in the US gov’ts budget, which is in the trillions. The UN is, at this time, a worthless organization full of tyrants, crooks, and thieves. They are great at yap yap, not so great at doing, unless you count the OFF fiasco, allowing 800,00 Rwandans to be slaughtered, reported sexual abuse (hat tip to the Belmont Club) in African nations, Sudan, the Ivory Coast, and so on. Sure, they do some great things, such as UNICEF. But, the UN’s complicity in many illegal and immoral actions cannot be dismissed or ignored. Let’s find out how well they operate without a vast chunk of operating expenses, and the support of the United States of America.


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2 Responses to “Pull The Rug Out”

  1. Ogre says:

    Won’t happen. It just won’t happen. I don’t know why, but the US always threatens dropping funding, but we never do. We should, we just won’t.

  2. Patty-Jo says:

    There’s probably no way to know for sure what’s going to happen until it does, but I sure would like to see the end of our involvement with the UN. I always taught my kids that you are who you hang with. I think that goes for our government too.

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