GOP Headquarters Vandalization Update

Yes, I know vandalization is still not a word. Anyhoo (not a word), the three charged with vandalizing the Raleigh GOP headquarters appeared in court Monday the 29th (starting their week on a bad note, eh?) , and have made the wise decision to not waive the Right to council.

The three people accused of vandalizing North Carolina’s GOP
headquarters have reconsidered their decision to represent themselves.
Brown, David Hensley and Vanessa Zuloaga all appeared in court Monday.
The three are charged with causing $5,000 worth of damage to the
building on November 5.

The monetary damage makes it a Felony in the state of North Carolina, much less the actions. Still, lets remember innocent till proven guilty in a court of law by their peers. And they will get their chance to do just that.

All three have waived their right to a probable cause hearing.
The prosecutor has asked that the case go before the grand jury next month.

Apparently, all 3 are still in jail. Money has been raised for their bail to get them released, but nowhere in the amounts required. Seems as if no bails bondman will touch this. I would hazard to guess they are considered a flight risk. Only a guess.

To jump to a different part of the story, we get this:

Supporter James Robertson said, "This is the
equivalent of what goes on in a drunken Friday night at most frat
houses, but because they are anti war slogans and anarchist slogans,
there’s an extreme amount of political attention being focused to this."

This was not acceptable in Theta Chi. Nor at ECU. Nor is it acceptable behavior at any college, from any Fraternity, or by law. Vandalism is vandalism. There were other buildings that were damaged, as well. I cannot remember getting liquored up and going out and damaging stuff. And those that have, have paid the penalty. And well they should.

More on the story here.


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3 Responses to “GOP Headquarters Vandalization Update”

  1. It’s sad that those who did this felt that vandalizing was their best way to get their voice heard. It is my hope that the vandals will find a new, more positive way to see things.

  2. Ogre says:

    But they’re only children, so it’s OK. I mean, they were likely abused when they were younger. And they’re just college kids, it’s not their fault. After all, those mean Republicans probably inflamed their passions. They were just exercising political free speech.

    Did I miss any other excuses? 😉

  3. They were drunk, their passions were running high, it seemed like a good idea at the time. 🙂

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